KISS FC PWM dropping

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KISS FC PWM dropping

Postby teruakiokada » 07 Mar 2016 07:05

I have not farmware uped yet, I am using ver. 1.01.
I've just built up QAV-R with KISS FC, and I realize PWM3 and PWM4 is a little acting weird.

First, I thought ESC was wrong. but I found this happen even ESCs are not connected.

all settings are default.
watch this, I recorded my screen.
On this screen record, at the "Receiver " Throttle movement is actually I am doing, rising very slowly up.
But you can see, "Motors" are acting weird on the screen, and actual motors on the quad reacts exactly same as screen.

How can I fix this?
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Re: KISS FC PWM dropping

Postby pic18f2550 » 07 Mar 2016 12:44

Das ist OK wenn dein Copter nicht fliegt.
That's OK if your Copter does not fly.

Die FC versucht, dein Frame horizontal auszurichten.
The FC is trying to align your frame horizontally.

Wie in deinem Video zu sehen ist.
As seen in a video.

Bewege den Frame so ändern sich die Werte der PWM.
Move the frame then change the values of the PWM.

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Sorry that I have to translate with Google.
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