PWM output issue??

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PWM output issue??

Postby Jvon811 » 24 Jun 2016 02:55

Here's a video.

EVERYTIME that I arm my quad, the rear left motor (PWM4) won't spin up. It will eventually spin when enough throttle is applied (props off of course). But at "Idle" on the ground, the number 4 motor wont spin. Motors 1-3 are perfectly normal and will slowly idle like they should, but #4 wont budge until throttle is added.

I have updated the FC firmware (didn't fix it...)
I have updated the ESC firmware (didn't fix it...)
I have calibrated the ESC's about 1000 times via the KISS GUI and their method (didn't fix it...)

I even plugged a servo tester into the ESC and was able to get the motor to spin that way. That makes me think it's a FC issue. But on the KISS GUI, the PWM4 outputs all look normal and have normal numbers.


Kiss FC - v1.02 Beta 74 firmware...
ZTW Spider 20A Pro Premium F390 version - BLHeli 14.4
Emax RS2205/2300kv Red Bottoms...
Qav210 Charpu Edition PDB...
Using 4S 1300mah batteries...

I'm pretty happy with my soldering jobs, very solid connections everywhere. ESC signal wires direct soldered to the KISS PWM pads.

I'm using FrSky S-Bus and have the arm switch set up on Aux1, pretty standard stuff I think.
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