Do I have a bad board?

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Do I have a bad board?

Postby Lane » 16 Jun 2016 01:45

o, a couple of DAYS trying to get the KISS FC to work, and I am now ready to smash it with a hammer.

At this point it will arm and the motors will spin (Airmode), but the instant I add any throttle, the thing becomes a missile, it will fly off AT GROUND LEVEL until I disarm it. Not only useless, but DANGEROUS, The last couple of tests I did , I did from behind a tree..

Has ANYONE had any issues like this? Like i said it arm's fine, just don't touch that throttle. I do have a ticket with flyduino, but I've heard nothing for a couple of days, even after prompting them.

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Re: Do I have a bad board?

Postby Sunny70 » 03 Jul 2016 17:30

Lane, try disabling Airmode to see if that helps. I don't have a KISS FC, but have seen somewhat similar behavior with other boards. The result might help you narrow things down.
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