Kiss FC + Kiss ESC 24a RE Problem

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Kiss FC + Kiss ESC 24a RE Problem

Postby eidos » 09 Jun 2016 11:10

Hi everyone,
I've just finished the build of my QAV210 with kiss fs + kiss esc 24a RE and lumenier 2206 2350kv.
When I tried to configure all the parameters from the GUI I found the following problem:
If I arm the quad all the motor spin at the same speed and also all the PWM signal from in the gui are at the same value; but if I try to raise the throttle the PWM1 goes crazy and in this situation the quad cannot fly at all.
I've made a quick video of the issue:
The problem can be recognized at 0:40 from the start of the video.
Obviously i've made the gyro calibration as it showed also in the video.
Last info that can be useful is that i have the telemetry cable connected for all the 4 ESC.

Thank you to everyone that could give me any hint.
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Re: Kiss FC + Kiss ESC 24a RE Problem

Postby Lane » 16 Jun 2016 01:54

did you get any help with this problem??? I have something similar going on. I raised a ticket with them, but, i'm getting no help from them.
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Re: Kiss FC + Kiss ESC 24a RE Problem

Postby pic18f2550 » 18 Jun 2016 19:58

Wird die fluglage im flug stabilisiert oder überschlägt er sich?

Die unterschiedlichen Werte entstehen wenn der Copter auf dem Boden steht.

Nimm ihn in die Hand und schau dir dann die Werte an.
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