Telemetry issue - random values

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Telemetry issue - random values

Postby jaisor » 04 Jun 2016 04:34

Hey folks, I'm experiencing an issue that seems to stump few of the online communities I've tried asking so decided to ask the experts here. I've been building quads for a while, but this is my first all KISS build FC and ESCs 24A RE. It flies reasonably well for the little tuning I've done but the telemetry numbers are allover the place. In the OSD view only the throttle value seems correct, and the BAT voltage from time to time, but everything else jumps from negative to insane numbers. The same happens when I view telemetry data in the Chrome app Data Output tab. This is running beta74, I have also tried RC20C with same results.

Things I have considered:
- OSD communication, but the Throttle value is spot on and voltage value seems to be correct from time to time
- ESC telemetry cables, but the BAT values should be coming from the FC alone, no ESC involved
- FC firmware, build - I'm hoping this is it, but as first build, I am not too familiar
- Faulty FC - possible, but doubtful, it seems to fly well enough with the minimal tuning I have done.

More info on the build: QAV-R, KISS FC, KISS 24A RE, Lumenier RX2206 2350KV, MinimOSD flashed with the KISS OSD firmware. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Here is a video of the OSD: ...
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Re: Telemetry issue - random values

Postby jaisor » 08 Jun 2016 22:01

Some development: I was tune-flying yesterday and at one point the FC bugged out for about a second - unresponsive to commands, the quad just drifted through the air, luckily without a crash. It felt like the FC restarted. Afterwards the OSD data was perfect, for the remainder of the battery.

On the next battery, after a hard roll, the OSD data completely disappeared. I believe there is a voltage spike from the ESC because other times in such maneuvers, the video will flick in/out for a sec.

I'm planning on adding a capacitor to the PDB and testing more. By the lack of response to this issue, I suspect it is rare and likely a defective FC telemetry sensor/communication.
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