KISS 18A 3D ESC Calibration

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KISS 18A 3D ESC Calibration

Postby Daisycutting » 05 Jul 2015 23:04

Does anyone have a successful process for calibration of these ESC's on the Eagletree Vector flight controller?

I've not had much joy so far getting the documented calibration process from KISS to work - I'm likely doing something wrong, or the idle us number is too high or too low in the flight controller. In particular when you go bottom left on the controller to disarm, the motors all go to full throttle! :o

KISS Procedure I've Tried:
"Disconnect the power source from the ESC, then do full throttle (new max. signal) and connect the power supply. Wait till you hear a single beep. After that beep move the throttle to the lowest signal and wait till the ESC restarts (it will beep “high low high”).

After Programming the throttle range, you can enable this 3D mode:
Disconnect the power supply and do full throttle. The reconnect the power supply and wait for one
single beep. After that beep move the throttle to the middle position. Wait till the ESC restarts. Now
the 3D mode is active. Important! The ESC will now just arm with a neutral middle signal."
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