KISS ESC and gimbal motor

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KISS ESC and gimbal motor

Postby AndStuff » 25 Nov 2014 18:13

First of all, im really new to the whole gimbal/copter thing, so please excuse me if the things i'm about to ask are stupid :)

I am trying to develop a gimbal for cameras, and since it is in the content of my college thesis project, i'm gonna be making a custom controller and software, so i do not wanna use an existing gimbal controller.

I bought the KISS ESC 2-4S 18A version, and the Flyduino GBM4114 gimbal motor. I programmed the ESC fine for my desired input, but can't seem to make the motor rotate, it just stutters around the same spot. I tried other brushless motors, all from hard drives or floppy drives, and everyone just stutters around. I have done quite a lot of studying around brussless motors in general, and can't seem to find a reason why an ESC would now work with my motors.

Is the ESC supposed to work with flying motors only? Is it supposed to work with a particular range of motor resistance? If so, which ESC could i use for gimbal motors?
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