Fluydo Alexmos32 V5.4

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Fluydo Alexmos32 V5.4

Postby charies » 28 Jul 2014 07:59

I bought this Controller many month ago, and it came with only one IMU sensor, the Imu camera.
I bought another IMU to use like an IMU frame, but the software can´t see it, like an IMU frame.
Could someone here help me with it? I don´t know to do. I have 2 IMU MPU 6050. I try to connect to the controller in the way I show you on the picture, because the controller don´t have 2 IMU conector, it has only one IMu conector.
I would like to show you the diagram connection, but the web page of this forum don´t permit me to upload any file.

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