Darkside Race quad

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Darkside Race quad

Postby BOOM3R » 07 Jun 2015 10:37


I built my quad from scratch. The goal was small and fast and good looks :) I wanted to show it here because I like the KISS's.

Here's the build log, please have a look.
http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthre ... 660&page=4

I used 12a v1.1 KISS ESC. Oneschot enabled.
3S Lipo, Naze32, 2203 Sunnysky, 5x3 props.

BUT I'm having some problems. On low throttle, the motors stutter a lot. I can fly, but sometimes one motor stops a very short time and I crash. :( Also, Even this build is lighter than previous versions (using heavier materials), now I have a hover throttle of ~70% at the end of the battery.. Does the ecs lower throttle when voltage is low?
I experimented with naze32 looptime, what should be used? It affects the stutter behavior but does not solve it completely.

I did not connect signal ground wire. But I don't see how it can make a difference because when I'd connect it to the naze32 signal ground, this is also directly connected to battery ground.

The power distribution uses servo pins and phase wires are 18 awg.

What could solve my problems?

Thank you,
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Re: Darkside Race quad

Postby pic18f2550 » 08 Jun 2015 00:16

Carbon is conductive.

Test if Power and GND have no contact with the frame.
If so then eliminate.

Test whether the 3 phases of the motors have no short circuit to the motor stator.
If so, then the motor swap.

2D or 3D version?

Test only the normal controller function. JP1 open

In 2D version:
To teach the transmitter path (gas path) of the ESC / regulator must be a receiver or FC
are connected, then the gas signal are set to full throttle (Gashöchstwer) and in
Connection of LiPo be connected to the ESC / regulator. A beep indicates confirmation,
that the programming mode is activated. Now the gas to the minimum value, normally 1000μs,
reduce and wait for the restart of the controller, the audible signal (high-low-high). the
Control travel is now programmed and the ESC / controller ready.

(I've built myself one external signal generator because my FC the ESC was unable to Programming.)
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