Help with good advices on a heavy lifter

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Help with good advices on a heavy lifter

Postby Lassie » 26 May 2013 12:27

Hi everyone I am new here and need some help. I wanted some advices regarding my new Hexacopter I am about to build.I bought the Dji wookong-M 550 and it was like a new world opened for me. Easy and reliable.
I bough the DJI 550 original and have been happy up to now. I have been using the Gopro hero 3 so far but now I want to take some nice photos also. I aiming on the Sony Nex5.
Suddenly I realized that my 550 is getting heavy and its time to find a heavy lift. I have been browsing all over the web and got many inputs so its a bit confusing what I should buy. I have a couple of criteria. not to expensive, be able extend it later on to heavier lifter with some adjustments. I could buy the S800 but I think its way to much money to put in this. I am sure its only the name you pay for.
I got some advice from people to look into the FCP HL frame and add Tiger motors on that. I think its a good deal, but the question is what to use as a setup. I want the option to lift heavier then the Sony nex5 later on. Today I have only 3 and 4s batteries. I feel its a bit expensive to buy 6s and a new charger to that. the price adds up. I have the stratosnapper and bought a BL gimbal that I want alexmos flightcontroller to that. I am also concerned of where to find a good landing gear that does not cost a fortune, like the S800 landing gear. Any advice there? This should be foldable similar to S800.
First I wanted a foldable hexacopter due to the easy transport but then I got a very good advice from a friend that I should Instead of buying a big trunk hardcase that is squared, I should look into hardcases for drums. then I can use the shape of the drum and no need for foldable frame. I think the 26" drumcase is very good for the purpose of transporting FCP HL. Any comments?
Please advice and if you can even have a picture of a good build I would much appreciated.

I am using the multiplex royal pro 9 and I am afraid the channels is running out, any advice on solving that problem.
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Re: Help with good advices on a heavy lifter

Postby Cartman » 27 May 2013 01:04

If you want to lift a Nex 5 and a brushless gimbal, then you could stick to the F550 with arm extensions. So you can use bigger props and get more lifting capability with different motors (like T-Motor MT2814 or MN3508). The downside is, that the F550 frame is very heavy and flexible and longer arms will make it worse.

Another frame will be the better solution. If you just want to lift a Nex5 + brushless gimbal get some nice frame and use some T-Motor MN3508-20 with 13" or 14" props and 4s LiPos. But if you want long flight times, then you want a very lightweight frame - and in my opinion the FCP HL is just the opposite. On the other hand the FCP HL frame is very affordable and will do the job. So I suggest to start with the FCP HL and the ... -thickness
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Re: Help with good advices on a heavy lifter

Postby Lassie » 27 May 2013 15:46

Thanks Cartman for the advice. I was also thinking of extend the 550 and change motors but then I am limited and cant get much heavier.
SO DECISION MADE:´A new frame it will be. Now to the hard choice what kind of heavy lift hexa frame is the good one and the setup on that.
I liked the FCP HL but if there is other kind that could fit my purpose I am grateful for advices.
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