Some Questions About Building

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Some Questions About Building

Postby j1steve » 16 Jul 2012 17:42

1.) I have a standard Rx. I am reading in the NanoWii PDF that in order to connect from my RX to the NanoWii, I only need to connect all three pins from the throttle pins. All of the other pins only require the signal pin. My question is, what type of connection wire should I use to connect from the Rx to the NanoWii since most servo cables have two or three pins?
I mean to say, I can use a standard three pin connector for the throttle, but all others require single pin connections, so how should they be connected.

2.) Similar to the Rx connection, how should the ESCs be connected? What type of wire can I use to connect only 1 pin for esc?

3.) The NanoWii connection guide is very good. It is very easy to understand, but I would love to see some photos of an actual finished board with all connections. There are lots of photos on the web of your other products but very few closeups of the NanoWii. Do you have any more that you could send me?
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Re: Some Questions About Building

Postby Pixelmonster » 16 Jul 2012 18:30

I bought the NanoWii board too, but I haven't got it yet.
But I want to give you an little idea with these two links.
Male-to-Female - Female-to-Female
During a "Free Day" they gave me a few bags for free, so I am going to use them for my board. They are also very good for prototyping on breadboards!
Maybe your local distributor has some of these or the plugs to make them, because the shipping and the connectors are quite expensive.

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