KISS 12A + Cleanflight

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KISS 12A + Cleanflight

Postby dinko » 23 May 2015 12:53


I made my self my MINI quad, i put in Kiss 12A and i have problem with ... i try with many controlers.. NAZE32 (Clean flight), CC3D, and both are problems with... i dont know what sinchronisation. when i test with motortoest .. all work perfect, when i want to ARM ESCs blue LED is stable, and then turn odd for abbout 1-2 seconds, and then ESCs reboot, but i can't startup....

Help meeeeee!!!
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Re: KISS 12A + Cleanflight

Postby pic18f2550 » 30 May 2015 21:10

2D or 3D on the KISS set?
What an battery pack is employed?
What an motor is used?
What an propeller is employed?
Is the KISS controller with its max and min value programmed?

An reboot always indicates for a voltage collapse, the result of overload.
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