5V regulators on V5.9 SBGC32 boards

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5V regulators on V5.9 SBGC32 boards

Postby SkMJ » 13 Aug 2014 21:22


Does the latest rev of the Basecam32 boards have any "overhead" capacity on the onboard 5V regulator(s)? I've already bought one and I would like to power the gentwire-MULTI (http://www.gentles.ltd.uk/gentwire/multi.htm) from it to save a 5V wire going through the slip ring as I'm already nearing capacity and I need to feed more RC functions to the moving side of the gimbal.

I haven't talked to Gentles about current consumption of the MULTI yet, but I imagine it is not much. All it does AFAIK is translate PWM to "USB traffic" for the camera. I'll measure consumption as soon as I get the cable.

Any help or thoughts are appreciated.
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