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Flyduino FCP HL

Postby shufflez » 08 Dec 2012 20:42


Quick question; I'm building a new rig based on FCP HL XL.
I'm trying to figure out a couple of things;
1a) What voltage do the buzzer and LED's use?
1b) Does the Top Plate need to be powered with 12V+?

Reason for question is that I want to have different power-zones.
So that would make the Bottom Plate 'High Voltage' (everything directly powered from LiPo) and Top Plate 5V if possible.
But my suspicion is that onboard LED's nor onboard buzzer nor LED strips would work on 5V? If that is the case, I'd like to ask the following:

2a) Is it best to use 12V (I expect that is the required voltage) BEC for the Top Plate connections?
2b) Does anyone know if OpenPilot Revo has pins for the LED's on Top Plate?

Thanks in advance all!!

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Re: Flyduino FCP HL

Postby Flyduino_Paul » 11 Jan 2013 00:31

5V is too low for buzzer and leds, it wont harm them, but will be not good, try to get your toplate suplied with 3 or 4S, or use a reugulator if you are higher then 4s.
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Re: Flyduino FCP HL

Postby xzafareman » 04 May 2015 08:18

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