KISS ESC's on Nerf Blaster

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KISS ESC's on Nerf Blaster

Postby spintab » 20 Jun 2016 15:07

Hello all,

I have designed a fully 3D printed, robotic Nerf blaster that uses 2300kv brushless motors. I'm currently using SimonK ESC's , and they have been working great but I can tell they are becoming less and less a thing so I'm looking for other options. A guy I work with loaned me a pair of DYS 20A blheli ESC's and they worked fairly well but they don't spin up as fast from a standstill. Actually they spin up faster but there is a lag between trigger pull and spinup. SimonK seems to work better for this reason. There is no lag. The same guy that loaned me the blheli ESC's has told me to try KISS ESC's repeatedly. Can anyone comment on how quickly a KISS ESC will start to spin up a motor when it receives a signal? My purposes are a little different that of multi rotors. I'm not worried about performance over time, only the time from trigger pull to desired rpm. The lower the lag the better.

Also if anyone is interested, you can see this blaster at Also, it shoots really really hard for a nerf gun. My thanks to the RC/Multirotor world for such wonderful motors:)

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